About Us

Who We Are

Former Maryland sales tax auditors who have a working knowledge of the Maryland sales tax laws, regulations, policies, and procedures. Let us put our expertise to work for you, provide assistance and help you navigate through the audit process.

Why Choose MARSU Associates

Marsu Associates specializes in Maryland sales / use taxes. Maryland sales / use tax laws and regulations are complicated and ever changing. It is important for companies to know how the laws and regulations apply to their business. One minor piece of information could have a major impact on your audit. Your case will be handled by one of the partners and will not be handed down to a subordinate.

The Marsu Advantage

Look at Marsu Associates’ advantage over its competitors:

  • Marsu’s partners were previously Maryland sales tax auditors
  • Both partners have over 45 years experience in Maryland sales taxes and know the Maryland sales tax laws and regulations like the back of their hand
  • Marsu has a good working relationship with the auditors, supervisors and hearing officers
  • Marsu deals with Maryland sales tax audits day in and day out
  • Marsu understands the sampling and projection methodologies for expenses and sales assessments to determine if the assessments fairly represent the company’s liability
  • Your case will be handle by one of the partners
  • Marsu partners are the leading Maryland sales tax experts in the State of Maryland

Our Mission

Marsu Associates aims to do the following:

  • Reduce assessment to the lowest amount possible
  • Perform reverse audit and file refund to reduce tax amount due
  • Help company with corrective measures
  • Be on call for any future questions or problems.

Our Team

Ken and Ron gained valuable experience as former auditors for the Maryland Retail Sales Tax Division. During this time, they were trained to perform Maryland Sales and Use Tax audits and this expertise has been invaluable in reducing client’s tax assessments and in generating offsetting tax credits and refunds. They fully understand Maryland’s procedure of audit sampling and projecting methodologies. Ken and Ron know the intricacies of the audit process and have a working knowledge of the Maryland sales tax laws, regulations, policies and procedures and how they apply to your business. Ken and Ron have an excellent working relationship with the field auditors, supervisors and hearing officers. Let them put their sales tax expertise to work for you.

Ken Dickard, CPA

Ken has over 45 years of experience in Maryland sales and use taxes. Ken was born in Baltimore, Maryland and received a B.S. degree in Accounting from Loyola College in Maryland. In 1978 he earned his certified public accountant certification and started his first job as an auditor for the Maryland Retail Sales Tax Division.

Contact Info: 410.529.1355 – 410.598.0955 (cell) – ken.dickard@marsutax.com

Ron Emrich

Ron has over 45 years of experience in Maryland sales and use tax compliance, auditing, reverse auditing, and consulting services. Ron was born in Baltimore Maryland and was a founding partner of MARSU Associates. He received his B.S. degree in Finance and Accounting from the University of Baltimore and has been active in the Legislative process of Maryland sales and use tax law.

Contact Info: 410.489.0920 – ron.emrich@marsutax.com